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The TEMPORARY WORKS COORDINATOR is a two-day course designed for on-site individuals who manage all forms of temporary construction. It is intended to build confidence in top management and those who work with contractors.

A successful approach for the maintenance of temporary works is the appointment of a Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC) to guarantee plans are ready, checked and accurately erected at work. The TWC is designated to complete the job, halting the work in the event of dissatisfaction. The TWC might need advice on building sequence and a system of equipment and work with the goal that other actions don’t cause damage to the temporary works. On a project of complex nature, this individual is mostly a contracted civil or specialist with pertinent experience and training. Temporary Works Coordinator Training Course (TWCTC) is a two-day course used to educate you on an assessed standard of knowledge of managing temporary works sites. The course also gives confidence to those who engage with contractors and senior management. You will also be able to competently manage your site, knowing that you have updated knowledge of the coordination of temporary works and its surrounding legislation. The temporary works supervisor is a one-day course.

The working

The law states that any temporary structure should be designed, installed and maintained to endure any predictable loads that might be forced on it and that it will be just utilized for the reasons it was designed, installed and maintained. Temporary works, for example, scaffolding, excavations, cofferdams and caissons, should be consistently examined by an able individual. Temporary works offer an engineered solution to help or safeguard either a design during construction or an item associated with plant/ equipment on the sides of execution during construction to give access.

smsts courses

The structural support work includes:

  • Shoring tasks for excavations.
  • Propping for walls and floors.
  • Falsework above ground concrete pours.
  • Scaffolds for accessing and hauling roads.

The construction site support includes site safety like fencing and hoarding, welfare and office units and earthworks, including stockpiles, that are to be removed later.

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The Learning Aspects

Understanding of the extensive role of the coordinator of the temporary work. Brief learning about BS5975 and its usage, roles, legislation and relevant codes of practice.The 4C’s, i.e. Communication, coordination, cooperation and competency and risky management.

Entry Requirements

  • Before the course start date, learners must have passed the Operatives Health, Safety, and Environment Test within the last 2 years.
  • Basic understanding of spoken and written English.
smsts courses



Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate valid for 5 years.

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