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Skid Steer Loader

Course Aim
The purpose of our CPCS A23 Skid Steer Loader training is to ensure you or your employee has the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to use Skid Steer Loaders safely and efficiently.
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Course Description

The course and assessment will include:
  • Prepare the machine for work.
  • Full pre-start and running checks.
  • Appropriate use of PPE.
  • Correct method of entry/exit of the machine.
  • Travel and manoeuvre over various ground conditions in forward and reverse directions, loaded and unloaded.
  • Travel speeds matching ground conditions.
  • Transmission, brakes and steering used correctly.
  • Full observation prior to and during travel.
  • Contact avoided with obstructions whilst manoeuvring.
  • Approach and position to extract materials (from a face or stockpile).
  • Loading area assessed for level and hazards.
  • Materials extracted safely (no high face overhang).
  • Bucket loaded to capacity.
  • Travelled with the load as low to ground as possible.
  • Ground left smooth and level.
  • Discharge loads over an edge or into a receptacle.
  • Discharge area approached using appropriate speed.
  • Discharge area assessed for hazards.
  • Receptacle positioned for minimum travel.
  • Machine positioned in line and square with receptacle being loaded or edge.
  • Loads discharged in the correct sequence.
  • All material emptied from the bucket.
  • Vehicle loaded evenly and to capacity (where applicable).
  • No excessive manoeuvring.
  • Loader arms lowered after each loading cycle.
  • Place the machine out-of-service – shut down and secure procedures.
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Duration- 3 Days

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