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As mentioned in regulations associated with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health( COSHH), it is legally required to use tight-fitting Respiratory protective Equipment(RPE) to safeguard against hazardous substances. The RPE has to be fit-tested by the person with the authority and competency. By taking a face fit test for your RPE, you give yourself the best security against breathing in dangerous substances. Numerous airborne materials, for example, asbestos can cause sickness and death.



  • To appear in the test, you must provide the mask on the day of its usage at work. You ought to be clean-shaven to appear for the exam.
  • This test takes 25 minutes but the time duration can vary.
  • The certificate has a validation of two years but retesting regularly is recommended for safety reasons.
  • The taste test is conducted to test the sensitivity to the solution followed by testing of putting on RPE to ensure the correction.  
  • A hood with a solution is to be worn to ensure the correction of the seal and the exercises have to be performed to test the working of the seal.
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