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Crane Supervisor

Course Aim
The purpose of our CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor training is to ensure you or your employee has the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to understand the appointed person’s role and crane supervisor responsibilities.
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ipaf training

Course Description

The course and assessment covers:
  • Explaining the duties, responsibilities and limitations of an Appointed Person, a Crane Supervisor, a Crane Coordinator, a Crane Operator, a Slinger Signaller, a Crane Erector, and Maintenance Personnel.
  • Stating requirements of legislation, regulations, and Codes of Practice that relate to all types of lifting duties.
  • Explaining maintenance, inspection, thorough examination and testing requirements for lifting equipment and accessories.
  • Stating the requirements that allow safe site access and egress for typical lifting equipment.
  • Explaining additional requirements for loads to be lifted from height.
  • Explaining the function and use of, RCIs and anti-collision systems.
  • Describing the setting up, erection, levelling and dismantling requirements for different types of lifting equipment.
  • Listing different types of lifting accessories and explain typical applications.
  • Verifying sling angles and sizes.
  • Explaining the slinging techniques for given loads including balanced, unbalanced and loose; Verifying appropriate lifting accessories for given types of loads in accordance with a given method statement.
  • Confirming weights and centres of gravity for different types of loads in accordance with a given method statement.
  • Describing and demonstrating the different types of communication methods for lifting purposes.
  • Communicating the lift plan information to others involved in a lifting operation.
  • Reporting and explaining positive and negative aspects of a typical lift following the operation to the Appointed Person.
  • Evaluating and explaining how environmental factors and the surrounding area external to the lift zone can affect the planned lifting operation.
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ipaf training

Duration- 3 Days

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